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The Galactic Federation - Purpose and History

The Galactic Federation was founded in 13245 (standard Galactic time) through the alliance between center galaxy worlds:  Talos IV and Z'ha'dum. Within 3 galactic years, four new worlds joined the alliance, and the Galactic Federation was formed.  In 13254, the Galactic Federation Articles of Formation were recorded and the first governing council was called to order.


1400 years later, and now with over 400 member worlds, the Galactic Federation is a strong and vibrant community of worlds dedicated to the free exchange of ideas, cultures, technology, and resources.  The Galactic Federation, too, serves as protector to those worlds without means to protect themselves and as arbiter in disputes involving its members.


The Galactic Federation observers a strict “non-interference” doctrine such that a planet’s affairs and governing bodies are maintained solely by the planet itself. Participation in the Federation for each planet is governed by the Galactic Federation Membership Agreement which details the interactions between and among planets and the responsibilities of the member worlds.


Our symbol, to the right, represents that the galaxy itself is contained within the ideals of the Galactic Federation and its members.


Each year the Planetary Adoption Committee solicits applications from non-member planets to join the Galactic Federation. During the 2-day summit, applications are reviewed and applicants are interviewed for suitability to join the Galactic Federation.  Upon acceptance of an application, the adoption process normally takes about one year to process.

This web site is being provided as a service supporting potential planetary adoption. This planet-to-planet connection is made possible through a worm-hole wireless link between your “Internet” and the Galactic Federation Gnet. Information is being transferred at a speed equivalent to 10,000 times the speed of light.  Nothing on this site should be construed as providing a guarantee of membership into the Galactic Federation. Remember our motto:



Our translators continue to have difficulty translating our motto.  If any Earthling can help, it would be appreciated.  Please send your translation to “motto@TheGalacticFederation.com.”