Humans Join ETs -The Confederation of Planets
On December 16, 2017, the Guardians from The Galactic Federation declared that the Super Federation had been too manipulative of humanity in their grand experiment. The Super Federation Council was to be disbanded and replaced by a new Super Federation Council governed by the 53 Sphere Alliance delegates, called the 'The Sphere Alliance Super Federation.'

The Super Federation:

The Super Federation was made up of federations, consisting of hundreds to thousands of planetary consciousnesses. It’s a consortium of human-type extraterrestrials who manage the grand experiment.

The genetic farmer races (GFRs) go from star system to star system, propping up grand experiments to manage and even participate in.

There are 22 genetic experiments, all on a sliding scale from genetic to spiritual. Some are mostly genetic in nature, while some are mostly spiritual. One experiment involved the insertion of the God gene into mankind to make us more manageable.

The Grand Experiment: The local cluster serves as a host for the Super Federation’s genetic experiments. The experiments also include terraforming and the maintenance of plant and animal life on planets that host experiments.[1]

The first human genetic experiments on Earth were conducted after the extinction of the dinosaurs by extraterrestrials who had evolved on planets within the local cluster. The pre-Adamites (has been known as The Annunaki with certain theorists) are speculated to have been involved in this purge.[2]

The Earth was divided into different territories for different genetic experiments. It was then terraformed in preparation for the experiments.

After the defense grid went down 500,000 years ago, many more genetic farmer races infiltrated our solar system and conducted their own experiments. Some of these involved inserting aggressive pre-Adamite genetics into our own genomes.

An unusually diverse selection of plant and animal life was imported to Earth from other worlds. Before placing them on Earth, they were genetically modified to be compatible with Earth's biosphere.[3]

The genetic farmer raced, harvested genetics from all across the galaxy, and spliced it into hominids on Earth to create Homo Sapiens. This is part of their grand experiment.

Our DNA is upgraded incrementally every 5,000 years as part of a timetable. Some programs aim to advance our consciousness, while competing programs aim to suppress it.[4]

One side effect of all of this genetic tampering is that we have an unusually wide spectrum of emotions, cognitive potential, and above all, an extremely powerful codependent super consciousness.

The target group’s spiritual density and technological progress are managed and manicured so that they coincide with the planetary cycles and with the influx of cosmic energies. This involves occasionally seeding minds with revolutionary ideas.

Competing programs are continually surveillance and sabotaged. There is a constant struggle to keep the experiments uncontaminated and to mitigate the sabotage. This peaked when the pre-Adamites set up their own experiments about 55,000 years ago.[2]

Because a lot of these programs are in competition, in that each genetic farmer race would like to see their agenda completed first, the experiments were kept segregated from each other. They were segregated using mountain ranges and bodies of water to their advantage. Sometimes, multiple experiments were placed in the same region if they coincided with each other.

Racism was instilled into human cultures to discourage race-mixing, which pollutes the experiments. Two of these experiments are the Hebrews and the Native Americans.

Some of the experiments involve the extraterrestrials incarnating as us. This way, they can abduct humans from their soul group and skirt the law of non-interference.

Mankind was given a pre-Akkadian root language related to the language the GFRs use amongst themselves. As a result, humans were discovering the power of their codependent super consciousness too early in the planetary game, so the GFRs created language barriers. This also made it easier to separate the various experiments.

Humanity was given religion to expand our spirituality. It was also designed to separate us.[2]

The goal is to ultimately get humanity to the point of self-management. Interstellar travel was the first step towards self-management.

Humanity is on a timetable; our gradual, assisted evolution is designed to complement the higher-density energy that is entering our solar system as it moves into the Local Interstellar Cloud.[2]

All of this genetic modification will dramatically accelerate the development of our co-creative abilities as we transition into fourth density.

The endgame of the grand experiment is for humans to join the extraterrestrials in the Confederation of Planets.

In December 2017, the 22 genetic experiments were suspended by the Council of Saturn. The service-to-others participants were ordered to help humanity guide its own genetic and spiritual development, free of covert ET interference.[5]

The Super Federation Council meets at a conference center within a temporal well, located in a LaGrange point between the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn. This well was created outside of our reality. There are entrances into it from other galaxies. You must “punch out” at the same point you “punched in,” or else you will get trapped for centuries. Other beings will intervene if this happens.

This council is ultimately governed by the Council of Saturn, which controls affairs within our solar system. No technology is allowed in the conference center as a precaution against A.I. infection.

Each delegate represents anywhere from several to thousands of star systems. The delegates include Nordics, Insectoids, Tall Greys, Ebens, Shining Ones, pre-Adamites, Tall Whites, Oranges, Aquatics, and Humans. Humans didn’t begin to rotate in until the 1980s. The Earth delegate is a rotation among the Secret Earth Government Syndicates.

The Nordics have a clerical role in the council and are the most active in meetings.

The Insectoids are the genetic masters of our local cluster. They are involved in several genetic programs. The Asian-looking group has a frosty relationship with the Insectoids.

Many in the Super Federation use short Grey avatars to do their abductions.

The Draco Federation Alliance has representatives who attend these council meetings. They can be Ant beings or human-like reptilians.[6]

There is another human delegate seat reserved for the Sphere Alliance delegate. The SSP Alliance provides IE support for him.

Each delegate brings along two peripherals. In the case of humans, we bring along IE support.

Out of the 60 attendees, there will be a few groups working on one program together, and some groups will be working on more than one program, as long as they are not competing programs. Small humanoid “page” staff hand out smart glass pads to the delegates and their associates.[2]

When the genetic farmer races first came into an uncontested region, they had a whole routine of making claims, having skirmishes over those claims, and eventually settling with a treaty. These treaties are abided by until the “cosmic” component of the grand experiment is completed. That is until humanity ascends to fourth-density.

These groups keep tabs on competing experiments and will often abduct people belonging to those experiments to assess their genetic, spiritual, and consciousness progress.

On December 16, 2017, the Guardians from The Galactic Federation (of Light) declared that the Super Federation had been too manipulative of humanity in their grand experiment. The Super Federation Council was to be disbanded and replaced by a new Super Federation Council governed by the 53 Sphere Alliance delegates, called the 'The Sphere Alliance Super Federation.'

Black Operation Whistle-blower Corey Goode explains the difference between the Federations [7]:

Q1 What is the Galactic Federation? Who are its members?

A: I have referenced it as the Galactic Federation, through Tear Eir, while the Anshar are calling it the “Galactic Confederation.” The members are highly spiritually and technologically advanced (6th + Density) civilizations that cooperate to facilitate both cosmic law and the various cosmic cycles. The members of the Sphere Being Alliance (Guardians) are members of this federation.

Q2 How is the Galactic Federation different from the Super Federation?

A: The Super Federation is made up of 4th-5th Density beings that compromise the “Genetic Farmer” races as well as civilizations that were products of the “grand experiment” that advanced to the point of becoming a part of the group doing the experiments. We are supposed to be graduating to this same point very soon. The Galactic Federation, as stated above, is more responsible for maintaining this Universe/Reality for the One Infinite Creator and exist within what we would consider Other Density or even an Angelic realm. One of the messages I got from the SBA was, “We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator.”

Q3 You say that Earth Representatives will be joining a newly reconstituted Super Federation. Does Earth have any representative role with the Galactic Federation?

A: No, the Galactic Federation is for 6th and higher density beings. Humans are considered 3rd-4th 
Density Transitional Beings. We are set to finish that transition in a relatively short number of years [7].

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'I AM god, Ascension Guide' by Aurora Ray:
A friend of mine shared with me the link to this book back in Feb.. I had been Stuggling to find my Purpose.. Why am I here.. I had started to Question everything I had ever been told.. Nothing, I Mean NOTHING MADE SENSE ANYMORE…. My friend had be filling me FULL of info that Got my curiosity Jumping.. He seen the book being advertised on an Enlightenment sight on fb..I jumped on it. Bought it that very night.. Started reading the word and SO MUCH CAME TO LIGHT FOR MY HIGH SELF!! WITH IN THE FIRST CHAPTER I WAS HOOKED AND NEW… THIS WAS MY FIRST TEACHER TO MY HIGH SELF AND MY ENLIGHTENED SOUL.. I Have since Shared my Copy with a few others and my Advice is… A Closed mind is a WONDERFUL THIS TO WASTE.. Open ur Soul & Mind.. We are ALL GODS/GODDESS’ !! WE ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN WE WERE EVER LEAD TO BELIEVE.. THE POWER IS WITH IN YOU.. BELIEVE IT, LIVE IT AND BE IT..Take Only what u need from this and leave the Rest.. UR HIGH SELF IS WAITING FOR YOU TO WAKE UP!! THE TIME IS NOW HUMANS.. LOVE, LIGHT AND BLESSED BE 1 AND ALL. NAMASTÈ BEAUTIFUL SOULS♡☆♡☆  Betty Grissom
Just finished reading your book. The delivery and organization was amazing. You do a great job simplifying ideas and explaining them with ease. Very insync the sacred souls are truly beginning to connect. Tyler Mcenroe
Read your brilliant book twice in two days and have made myself a personal action plan. Thank you dear sister of light! Debra S. M.
Aurora Ray…thank you for being so open and honest sharing your story. Ours is very similar. All I can say is look at you NOW. You are an amazing beautiful soul! Thank you for all you have done to bring us all together. Thank you for the most wonderful book..I Am God, which I love very much! You show us so much love, how to have forgiveness and so much more everyday. I am so proud of you! I am honored to be part of this amazing family you have created! Much love to you my sister, Tamara Hale-Sheffler 
I didn’t finish the book last night, Too tired and eyes blurring, But I’ve finished it now and will read it again and again. Thank you . It is amazing. and without ego I can say that most of its content was known already in my heart and awakened as I read. This was an awesome discovery. There is nothing you’ve said that I can find fault with. Thank you again. I feel my thoughts have been confirmed and my belief strengthened. I feel I’m on my way and have been for some time. Thank you so much you are awesome.  Michael Scannel
I am really enjoying the I am God book. I have all the signs. I am working on the merkabah now. I am pretty well in all of the them. It gave me insight about all that was going on in and about me. Kept on asking “is this normal?” I am glad that I ordered the book. Zaia F.
Thank you, dear Aurora and for ‘ I am God ‘. It is such a blessing. The book helped heal lots of my confusions and answer all my questions. It’s very hurtful when you’re an ET here and not know why you feel this way and have these experiences. I fell on a post about it last week, bought it and since then, my energies are better. With lots and lots of love and thanks . Priya G.
I am so happy I am crying. Everything starts to make sence. No wonder I never had any idea what to do in life and never “fitted” in 🙂 Thank you so much for this. I am unbelievable grateful. Ragna
I listened to your song just recently after a close friend passed it on. Following the music I’ve had an amazing uplifting experience. I started reading your book also. As soon as it was sent to me I knew I’d manifested the words into my life. It was like it was written for me and by me. It made me start remembering. It made me start seeing more. It’s made start to feel more. I’ve not even finished it yet but I’m taking my time and allowing the words to grow me spiritually. I’ve just started to learn more about the feminine energy and have seen my beautiful wife more now as my goddess. Thank you for your beautiful work. Namaste. Peter
Hi Aurora. I’ve almost finished my third reading of I AM GOD.
In the evening of my life, dawn has come.
Thank you so much for this lost treasure. Blessings. Michael
MEET GODESS TA RA MY ANGELIC NAME WHICH I JUST HAVE BEEN GIVEN BY MY HIGHER ANGELIC SELF IN MEDITATION (further Infos see Chapter 15, 7ths Step of Ascencion) of I AM GOD. with special thanks. Susanne
This is just an incredible, accessible and comprehensive guide to ascension. While I am still in the dietary phase( working on transitioning from vegetarian to vegan), I can see that this resonates with infinite love to the very core of of me and it has helped me tremendously. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since I began reading it. It is inspiring me to “create” some of the best music I have ever composed. I I put create in quotation marks simply because I realize that I am not really writing it, I am merely a vessel through which the infinite may speak. Bless you for bestowing this gift upon humanity. A lifetime of studying various metaphysical texts has not helped me as much as this book has. Namaste Aurora Ray. I will see you soon in 5D. Jacob Indigo Blue
Hello Aurora, I bought your book I Am God in 2013 when I was traveling in Peru and just wanted to say how brilliant it is. Thank you. I'm loving your posts and just subscribed to them on Telegram. Keep up the good work. x Debra Sofia Magdalene
i so loved your book.I AM GOD..just what a needed to read.. must read again and take notes this time.. Thank you xx Wayne Thompson
Aurora's first contact by the Galactic Federation happened when she was just six years old and for many years she was taken on ships regularly in order to get specific healing therapies and upgrades on a quantum level. 

When she was 11 (1989) she was told that the internet would be invented to connect the earth-incarnated star people who were strategically placed all over the planet to begin their mission.

She had been in training for her entire human life to step in as a teacher, healer, and master guide when the time of the great awakening and global ascension for humanity was to come.
Aurora Ray is the author of "I AM god -Ascension Guide", "Longevity Secrets", "How To Lose 40 LBS in 40 Days", and her latest print publication "Rawvolutionist". 

She is a Holistic Health & Business Expert, a Master Chef, Founder of the Rawvolutionist Academy, Ambassador of The Galactic Federation, and a former TV-Host.

Aurora was raised by her Persian parents in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived a few years in Tehran then moved to Los Angeles where she studied food and nutrition. Today Aurora lives on the island of Ibiza and travels regularly through Europe to teach and coach conscious living.
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