Healing And Balancing Your Emotions

Stress can lead to depression and other physical ailments. There are many ways to heal and balance your emotions. They can really make a difference in your life! Now let's take a look at ways healing and balancing your emotions can improve your health, relationships, financial situation, etc.

Eat healthily.

• Add healthy fats to your diet. Healthy fats found in foods such as avocados and butter are a good addition to any diet because they increase serotonin levels, which improve mood.

• Avoid processed foods. Processed foods high in sugar, hormones, or additives can have an adverse effect on our moods. The high sugar content can cause spikes and crashes that leave us feeling agitated, stressed, or depressed.

• Eat more fruits. Fruits are super dense in nutrients that support healthy brain function, which helps you stay in control of your emotions instead of letting them control you. They are also the most high-vibrating foods available.


Learning how to meditate is an essential part of healing and balancing your emotions. It's a great self-care practice that helps you center and focuses on yourself, with the goal of processing your mental and emotional states.

As such, meditation is an excellent anti-anxiety tool. It allows you to recognize and understand your internal state, enabling you to gain a more objective perspective on how you feel. Plus, it's just plain relaxing. As a result, meditation can help alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and depression, improve focus and productivity, increase confidence levels, and even boost physical health by reducing stress hormones like cortisol in your body (cortisol spikes when stressed).

It can also help you connect with the deeper meaning behind life's experiences so that they don't leave you feeling frazzled or unable to properly process them.

Drink water.

Water is key to self-care, not just because it's good for your body but because it's good for your emotions as well. The physical act of drinking water signals to your body that you want to feel calm and in control.

Start by drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning. Carry a water bottle with you and take sips throughout the day, especially when you feel your emotions running high.

When you wake up from a nap or get out of bed in the morning, drink water before you do anything else. Finally, drink water before going to sleep each night; it will help keep your energy calm and peaceful as you prepare for bed each night.

Stay far away from tap water. Drink glass-bottled spring water only!

Get enough sleep.

I was someone who had struggled with my sleep and emotional health in the past. I've had a number of stressful events or heavy workloads. I also struggled with insomnia, which only got worse in the winter months when daylight was limited, and I had less time to work on improving my sleep habits. Most of the time, though, I have been able to keep this condition under control with a combination of better-quality sleep, better regulation of stress and anxiety.

Sleep is important for regulating emotions; it's like picking up the pieces after an emotional trauma that caused you to damage your feelings. Although there are other things (such as meditation) that can help you heal from emotional trauma, many people find that eight hours sleep per night is perfect to keep them feeling rested throughout the day, even if they're experiencing intense emotions at bedtime.


It's not a shock that exercise is good for you. The benefits are well-known and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from weight loss to building muscles to mental clarity.

You must exercise 20-30 minutes every day. The human body is made for movement. Every. Day. Not just once a week in a Gym.

What exercises should you aim for? ALL OF THEM. Cardio, strength, stretching. For example, you can start your session with a 10 minute cardio workout, continue with ten minutes strength training and finish with ten minutes of yin yoga. You MUST LOVE your body and move it.

Check your energy levels with crystals and gemstones.

• Crystal healing is known for using stones or crystals to rebalance the body's energy and to heal any physical, mental, or spiritual ailments. This can encompass anything from migraines, depression, and colds to money issues, creativity blocks, and toxic relationships.

• There are many approaches to crystal healing that you can use in your daily life. Crystals can be used on their own as an ornament (like a crystal paperweight) or as jewelry, such as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. The technique involves placing the chosen crystal on various parts of your body depending on what you want to heal and letting it sit there for 20 minutes while you relax and meditate with it.

• Each crystal has its own unique set of properties and energies which affect the wearer in different ways—some will soothe feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety, while others are geared towards good luck and prosperity.

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Spend time in nature.

The last but not least tip for healing and balancing your emotions is to spend some time in nature. Nature has an incredible ability to heal us and make us feel whole. The best way to do this is to spend as much time outside as possible! Daily.

If you are able, you can go on a long walk or hike through the woods.

Nature has the power to help balance your emotions by connecting with them. When you connect with the earth, moon, sun, stars, and seasons, you will find that your emotional balance will improve dramatically! This is because these natural elements all have their own energy, which affects us emotionally when we are connected with them.

You can also connect with plants and animals! Animals also have energy that affects our emotions when we interact with them directly.

If you don't live near a forest or park with plenty of trees all year, start small by establishing a herb garden outside your house so that when summer returns next year, you'll have some green space to keep you cool physically and emotionally.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

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A friend of mine shared with me the link to this book back in Feb.. I had been Stuggling to find my Purpose.. Why am I here.. I had started to Question everything I had ever been told.. Nothing, I Mean NOTHING MADE SENSE ANYMORE…. My friend had be filling me FULL of info that Got my curiosity Jumping.. He seen the book being advertised on an Enlightenment sight on fb..I jumped on it. Bought it that very night.. Started reading the word and SO MUCH CAME TO LIGHT FOR MY HIGH SELF!! WITH IN THE FIRST CHAPTER I WAS HOOKED AND NEW… THIS WAS MY FIRST TEACHER TO MY HIGH SELF AND MY ENLIGHTENED SOUL.. I Have since Shared my Copy with a few others and my Advice is… A Closed mind is a WONDERFUL THIS TO WASTE.. Open ur Soul & Mind.. We are ALL GODS/GODDESS’ !! WE ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN WE WERE EVER LEAD TO BELIEVE.. THE POWER IS WITH IN YOU.. BELIEVE IT, LIVE IT AND BE IT..Take Only what u need from this and leave the Rest.. UR HIGH SELF IS WAITING FOR YOU TO WAKE UP!! THE TIME IS NOW HUMANS.. LOVE, LIGHT AND BLESSED BE 1 AND ALL. NAMASTÈ BEAUTIFUL SOULS♡☆♡☆  Betty Grissom

Just finished reading your book. The delivery and organization was amazing. You do a great job simplifying ideas and explaining them with ease. Very insync the sacred souls are truly beginning to connect. Tyler Mcenroe

Read your brilliant book twice in two days and have made myself a personal action plan. Thank you dear sister of light! Debra S. M.

Aurora Ray…thank you for being so open and honest sharing your story. Ours is very similar. All I can say is look at you NOW. You are an amazing beautiful soul! Thank you for all you have done to bring us all together. Thank you for the most wonderful book..I Am God, which I love very much! You show us so much love, how to have forgiveness and so much more everyday. I am so proud of you! I am honored to be part of this amazing family you have created! Much love to you my sister, Tamara Hale-Sheffler 

I didn’t finish the book last night, Too tired and eyes blurring, But I’ve finished it now and will read it again and again. Thank you . It is amazing. and without ego I can say that most of its content was known already in my heart and awakened as I read. This was an awesome discovery. There is nothing you’ve said that I can find fault with. Thank you again. I feel my thoughts have been confirmed and my belief strengthened. I feel I’m on my way and have been for some time. Thank you so much you are awesome.  Michael Scannel

I am really enjoying the I am God book. I have all the signs. I am working on the merkabah now. I am pretty well in all of the them. It gave me insight about all that was going on in and about me. Kept on asking “is this normal?” I am glad that I ordered the book. Zaia F.

Thank you, dear Aurora and for ‘ I am God ‘. It is such a blessing. The book helped heal lots of my confusions and answer all my questions. It’s very hurtful when you’re an ET here and not know why you feel this way and have these experiences. I fell on a post about it last week, bought it and since then, my energies are better. With lots and lots of love and thanks . Priya G.

I am so happy I am crying. Everything starts to make sence. No wonder I never had any idea what to do in life and never “fitted” in 🙂 Thank you so much for this. I am unbelievable grateful. Ragna

I listened to your song just recently after a close friend passed it on. Following the music I’ve had an amazing uplifting experience. I started reading your book also. As soon as it was sent to me I knew I’d manifested the words into my life. It was like it was written for me and by me. It made me start remembering. It made me start seeing more. It’s made start to feel more. I’ve not even finished it yet but I’m taking my time and allowing the words to grow me spiritually. I’ve just started to learn more about the feminine energy and have seen my beautiful wife more now as my goddess. Thank you for your beautiful work. Namaste. Peter

Hi Aurora. I’ve almost finished my third reading of I AM GOD.

In the evening of my life, dawn has come.

Thank you so much for this lost treasure. Blessings. Michael

MEET GODESS TA RA MY ANGELIC NAME WHICH I JUST HAVE BEEN GIVEN BY MY HIGHER ANGELIC SELF IN MEDITATION (further Infos see Chapter 15, 7ths Step of Ascencion) of I AM GOD. with special thanks. Susanne

This is just an incredible, accessible and comprehensive guide to ascension. While I am still in the dietary phase( working on transitioning from vegetarian to vegan), I can see that this resonates with infinite love to the very core of of me and it has helped me tremendously. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since I began reading it. It is inspiring me to “create” some of the best music I have ever composed. I I put create in quotation marks simply because I realize that I am not really writing it, I am merely a vessel through which the infinite may speak. Bless you for bestowing this gift upon humanity. A lifetime of studying various metaphysical texts has not helped me as much as this book has. Namaste Aurora Ray. I will see you soon in 5D. Jacob Indigo Blue

Hello Aurora, I bought your book I Am God in 2013 when I was traveling in Peru and just wanted to say how brilliant it is. Thank you. I'm loving your posts and just subscribed to them on Telegram. Keep up the good work. x Debra Sofia Magdalene

i so loved your book.I AM GOD..just what a needed to read.. must read again and take notes this time.. Thank you xx Wayne Thompson


Aurora's first contact by the Galactic Federation happened when she was just six years old and for many years she was taken on ships regularly in order to get specific healing therapies and upgrades on a quantum level. 

When she was 11 (1989) she was told that the internet would be invented to connect the earth-incarnated star people who were strategically placed all over the planet to begin their mission.

She had been in training for her entire human life to step in as a teacher, healer, and master guide when the time of the great awakening and global ascension for humanity was to come.

Aurora Ray is the author of "I AM god -Ascension Guide", "Longevity Secrets", "How To Lose 40 LBS in 40 Days", and her latest print publication "Rawvolutionist". 

She is a Holistic Health & Business Expert, a Master Chef, Founder of the Rawvolutionist Academy, Ambassador of The Galactic Federation, and a former TV-Host.

Aurora was raised by her Persian parents in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived a few years in Tehran then moved to Los Angeles where she studied food and nutrition. Today Aurora lives on the island of Ibiza and travels regularly through Europe to teach and coach conscious living.

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