Why Grounding Is Crucial & Setting Healthy Boundaries

Grounding is a term used quite frequently in healing and spiritual groups, and yet it means many things to many people. To some of you it may mean being aware of feeling your feet on the floor; or you may relate it to the way you feel being in nature. Essentially, being grounded means being in your body, conscious of your surroundings, and present and available for whatever happens. The technique used for grounding in this teaching is a visualization that results in bringing your consciousness and spiritual presence more into your body. A lot of spiritual people who meditate regularly, as well as others who have not developed much awareness yet, have not learned grounding and may tend to "hang out" in the ethers above the body. If you are one of those people, you can be left very susceptible to taking on foreign energy—energy from other people, or even entities. At best, even if you are not being a psychic sponge, you cannot move your emotions or karma out of your body very well without first being in your body.

The Pleiadian approach to spirituality involves full-body, cellular enlightenment and/or ascension. In other words, the goal is not to leave your body and transcend the physical; the goal-is to transcend your belief in and fear of the limitations of the physical plane. You accomplish this by spiritually descending into matter fully for the purpose of clearing lower-frequency energies such as repressed emotions, belief systems, judgments, control, and other contracted energies that are the source of limitation in the third dimension. As this is done, you make way for your Higher Self to completely blend with you, as the Christ, Quan Yin, and Buddha did. This results in full-chakra, cellular enlightenment or ascension instead of escape.

This spiritual goal requires you to be in your body, and thus there is a need for grounding. The technique used for grounding is as follows:

1. Sit in a comfortable chair with your back relatively straight, your feet on the floor, your feet and hands uncrossed, and your eyes closed.

2. Use your breath to bring as much of your conscious presence to the center of your head as possible. Let go of any stray thoughts inhibiting this process until you feel centered.

3. Now take a couple of deep breaths. Notice how much of your body expands with your breath. What parts do not expand?

4. Consciously expand more of your body with your breath until you are inhaling as far down your spine as possible without strain or discomfort. Do this two to four times until you feel more alive and present in your body.

5. Feel your feet on the floor. Use your breath to bring more aliveness into your feet.

6. MEN ONLY: Bring your awareness to your first chakra, at the base of your tailbone. Visualize a tube or spiraling cord of light about four to six inches in diameter attaching itself to your first chakra.

WOMEN ONLY: Bring your awareness to your second chakra, about halfway between your navel and the base of your spine. Visualize a tube or spiraling cord of light about four to six inches in diameter attaching itself to your second chakra.

BOTH MEN AND WOMEN: Follow this grounding cord visually and see it extending into Earth while your consciousness remains in the center of your head. See the cord move through all the layers of Earth until it reaches the center of the planet, where the magnetic core or gravity center is located. You may feel or see the grounding cord simply anchoring and be unable to go any further.

7. Take about half a minute to a minute to breathe gently and feel the changes happening in your body and consciousness. Occasionally, some of my students and private clients have experienced parts of the body aching or throbbing as they ground for the first time. Some have even experienced buried emotions coming to the surface. If this happens to you, just be aware that these pains, whether physical or emotional, are probably at least in part why you were not grounded in the first place, since the natural tendency of humans is to avoid unpleasantness of any kind. However, since awareness of a problem is the first step in healing it, allow yourself to explore the feelings with your breath and curiosity instead of contracting or pulling away from them. Let go of judgments or fear of feeling and attempt to assume an attitude of gladness at being made aware of the need for attention in this area of your body or emotions.

Keep breathing into your area of discomfort. Usually this will bring ease fairly quickly. If it does not, it could be an indication of a more chronic problem with which you may need assistance in healing unless you are well versed in dealing with such things yourself. More techniques for working with clearing yourself will be given later in the chapter as well. If you experience no discomfort, you may notice a sense of becoming more present and real. You may feel relaxation and a slight heaviness in your body as you hold the grounding cord in focus for a while.

8. After becoming accustomed to the grounding cord, visualize the color of the grounding cord changing. See a full spectrum of colors and use varying shades and textures of each color. Make it fun. Stay with each color long enough to feel its effects on you. Explore as many colors as you can think of in addition to the ones named below:

Start with blues. Change your grounding cord color to pale baby blue, then royal blue, navy blue, teal blue, and finally cobalt blue.

Add a little green to the blue, and visualize the cord as deep turquoise, then pale aquamarine.
Experiment with greens: soft baby green, emerald green, forest green, olive green, grass green, and peridot or light yellow green. Next visualize yellows: pale soft yellow, bright sunny yellow, golden yellow, and mustard yellow.

Then see shades of orange: pale yellow orange, peach, bright orange like the fruit, salmon, rust orange, then red orange.

Visualize reds: pale pink, carnation pink, hot pink, bright red, blood red, maroon, and red violet. Now see the purples: lavender, royal purple, grape purple, and blue violet.

Then try whites: pure white, white with sparkles of sunlight, mother of pearl or pearlescent white, and cream.

Next see brown tones: tan, camel, chocolate, caramel brown, tree-trunk grayish brown.

Do metallic colors last: metallic silver, metallic gold, copper, platinum, and finally silver and gold mixed.

You will find that some colors are soothing and calming while others help you feel stronger and more confident. Some colors help you feel more in your body, while others are extremely unpleasant and ungrounding. Find the ones you like and either write them down, along with how they make you feel, or, if you have a good memory, make a mental note of them.

9. When you have completed scanning the colors, determine the one you want for now. Remove your original grounding cord by pulling it down and releasing it into Earth. Now give yourself a new grounding cord of the chosen color and send it to the center of Earth.

10. Open your eyes.

In the future, if you wake up feeling tired and grumpy, you can use the grounding cord color that helps you feel lighter and more energetic. Or, if you are experiencing lack of certainty and confidence in your life, you can use the grounding cord color that gives you more of those positive qualities.

Grounding will not solve all your problems or take away every unpleasant emotional state, but it can help you get through them more quickly and easily. Knowing the best color for a given situation can help keep you grounded and able to cope at times you might normally tend to check out.

The Pleiadians through Amorah Quan Yin

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'I AM god, Ascension Guide' by Aurora Ray:
A friend of mine shared with me the link to this book back in Feb.. I had been Stuggling to find my Purpose.. Why am I here.. I had started to Question everything I had ever been told.. Nothing, I Mean NOTHING MADE SENSE ANYMORE…. My friend had be filling me FULL of info that Got my curiosity Jumping.. He seen the book being advertised on an Enlightenment sight on fb..I jumped on it. Bought it that very night.. Started reading the word and SO MUCH CAME TO LIGHT FOR MY HIGH SELF!! WITH IN THE FIRST CHAPTER I WAS HOOKED AND NEW… THIS WAS MY FIRST TEACHER TO MY HIGH SELF AND MY ENLIGHTENED SOUL.. I Have since Shared my Copy with a few others and my Advice is… A Closed mind is a WONDERFUL THIS TO WASTE.. Open ur Soul & Mind.. We are ALL GODS/GODDESS’ !! WE ARE MUCH MORE POWERFUL THAN WE WERE EVER LEAD TO BELIEVE.. THE POWER IS WITH IN YOU.. BELIEVE IT, LIVE IT AND BE IT..Take Only what u need from this and leave the Rest.. UR HIGH SELF IS WAITING FOR YOU TO WAKE UP!! THE TIME IS NOW HUMANS.. LOVE, LIGHT AND BLESSED BE 1 AND ALL. NAMASTÈ BEAUTIFUL SOULS♡☆♡☆  Betty Grissom
Just finished reading your book. The delivery and organization was amazing. You do a great job simplifying ideas and explaining them with ease. Very insync the sacred souls are truly beginning to connect. Tyler Mcenroe
Read your brilliant book twice in two days and have made myself a personal action plan. Thank you dear sister of light! Debra S. M.
Aurora Ray…thank you for being so open and honest sharing your story. Ours is very similar. All I can say is look at you NOW. You are an amazing beautiful soul! Thank you for all you have done to bring us all together. Thank you for the most wonderful book..I Am God, which I love very much! You show us so much love, how to have forgiveness and so much more everyday. I am so proud of you! I am honored to be part of this amazing family you have created! Much love to you my sister, Tamara Hale-Sheffler 
I didn’t finish the book last night, Too tired and eyes blurring, But I’ve finished it now and will read it again and again. Thank you . It is amazing. and without ego I can say that most of its content was known already in my heart and awakened as I read. This was an awesome discovery. There is nothing you’ve said that I can find fault with. Thank you again. I feel my thoughts have been confirmed and my belief strengthened. I feel I’m on my way and have been for some time. Thank you so much you are awesome.  Michael Scannel
I am really enjoying the I am God book. I have all the signs. I am working on the merkabah now. I am pretty well in all of the them. It gave me insight about all that was going on in and about me. Kept on asking “is this normal?” I am glad that I ordered the book. Zaia F.
Thank you, dear Aurora and for ‘ I am God ‘. It is such a blessing. The book helped heal lots of my confusions and answer all my questions. It’s very hurtful when you’re an ET here and not know why you feel this way and have these experiences. I fell on a post about it last week, bought it and since then, my energies are better. With lots and lots of love and thanks . Priya G.
I am so happy I am crying. Everything starts to make sence. No wonder I never had any idea what to do in life and never “fitted” in 🙂 Thank you so much for this. I am unbelievable grateful. Ragna
I listened to your song just recently after a close friend passed it on. Following the music I’ve had an amazing uplifting experience. I started reading your book also. As soon as it was sent to me I knew I’d manifested the words into my life. It was like it was written for me and by me. It made me start remembering. It made me start seeing more. It’s made start to feel more. I’ve not even finished it yet but I’m taking my time and allowing the words to grow me spiritually. I’ve just started to learn more about the feminine energy and have seen my beautiful wife more now as my goddess. Thank you for your beautiful work. Namaste. Peter
Hi Aurora. I’ve almost finished my third reading of I AM GOD.
In the evening of my life, dawn has come.
Thank you so much for this lost treasure. Blessings. Michael
MEET GODESS TA RA MY ANGELIC NAME WHICH I JUST HAVE BEEN GIVEN BY MY HIGHER ANGELIC SELF IN MEDITATION (further Infos see Chapter 15, 7ths Step of Ascencion) of I AM GOD. with special thanks. Susanne
This is just an incredible, accessible and comprehensive guide to ascension. While I am still in the dietary phase( working on transitioning from vegetarian to vegan), I can see that this resonates with infinite love to the very core of of me and it has helped me tremendously. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better since I began reading it. It is inspiring me to “create” some of the best music I have ever composed. I I put create in quotation marks simply because I realize that I am not really writing it, I am merely a vessel through which the infinite may speak. Bless you for bestowing this gift upon humanity. A lifetime of studying various metaphysical texts has not helped me as much as this book has. Namaste Aurora Ray. I will see you soon in 5D. Jacob Indigo Blue
Hello Aurora, I bought your book I Am God in 2013 when I was traveling in Peru and just wanted to say how brilliant it is. Thank you. I'm loving your posts and just subscribed to them on Telegram. Keep up the good work. x Debra Sofia Magdalene
i so loved your book.I AM GOD..just what a needed to read.. must read again and take notes this time.. Thank you xx Wayne Thompson
Aurora's first contact by the Galactic Federation happened when she was just six years old and for many years she was taken on ships regularly in order to get specific healing therapies and upgrades on a quantum level. 

When she was 11 (1989) she was told that the internet would be invented to connect the earth-incarnated star people who were strategically placed all over the planet to begin their mission.

She had been in training for her entire human life to step in as a teacher, healer, and master guide when the time of the great awakening and global ascension for humanity was to come.
Aurora Ray is the author of "I AM god -Ascension Guide", "Longevity Secrets", "How To Lose 40 LBS in 40 Days", and her latest print publication "Rawvolutionist". 

She is a Holistic Health & Business Expert, a Master Chef, Founder of the Rawvolutionist Academy, Ambassador of The Galactic Federation, and a former TV-Host.

Aurora was raised by her Persian parents in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived a few years in Tehran then moved to Los Angeles where she studied food and nutrition. Today Aurora lives on the island of Ibiza and travels regularly through Europe to teach and coach conscious living.
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