Disease is unexpressed emotion locked into the cells of your body
Pain is the only way your body can communicate with you when there is some type of disease taking place within your body, whether that is created from an unexpressed emotion, or a physical problem that has developed within the cells/organs of your body. The pain says "pay attention to me." Bring your attention to this area of your body.

Generally, our reaction is to move away from pain, take a painkiller, and get rid of the pain as quickly as possible. The more effective action, which will actually take the pain away and create a healing within you, is to step toward yourself, toward your body, and toward the pain. You decide to connect consciously to your physical body and feel what is there inside the pain, because where there is physical pain, there is always unexpressed emotional pain present in the site.

Unexpressed emotion always gets locked into the cells of your body. Each time you cannot cope with the feelings they lock into the cells of the body. There is a density that begins to build up in the cells, so there is an emotional dis-ease that builds up and this turns into physical disease. So when the physical pain begins, the body is saying "Feel me."

Your next step is to bring your consciousness toward the pain and take a breath. The breath needs to be through the mouth, not through the nose. The Conscious Breath more easily opens you up to the feelings. At first the pain may increase; this is good. It's good because it's a sign that you are connected to the site. Bring your consciousness deeper into the pain and take another Conscious Breath. It is helpful to give the pain a color or a form; what does it feel like and look like?

As you move deeper into the pain you may feel some sort of emotion. Some of the process is about opening up to the feelings that need to be expressed, so allow your body to express those feelings so it can move out the emotional pain, and the physical pain can leave.

You may feel as though you need to move your body; this is also good. Don't force the body to move, or contrive movements. The beldy's movement is automatic. By bringing your consciousness fully into the movement as it happens, you connect to the movement and become part of the experience. The more you are able to be a full part of the experience the more completely the issue can cleanly leave the body. Conscious (mouth) breath will also help you connect into the experience, and help you move out the emotional issue in the cells. It is essential during this process to only work with the Conscious Breath; in and out of the mouth. Be sure that your breath is slow and deep. A fast breath moves you away from experiencing the emotional issue fully, so you want to slow your breath down and bring your consciousness into the site as you breathe.

Sound is another way that blocked energy and the emotional issue can leave the cells of the body. As you take that Conscious Breath, let a small sound come with the out breath. You cannot just create a sound; it's as though a sound moves through you. As you open up to the sound with your consciousness you may have the experience of becoming the sound. When this happens it's as though you move into another state. You begin to experience a deep feeling inside of you as the emotional issue in the cells begins to leave the body. There is a huge release of emotional energy as this happens. The density is gone and then it is possible for healing light to enter your cells. Now, your healing can take place.

You do not have to be aware of the content of the issue. Actually, it helps not to know because then the ego mind cannot begin to interfere with your process. My experience is that, if it is important for you to understand and know what issue is leaving the body, then it is revealed to you during your process.

Christine Day, Pleiadian Initiations of Light

Artist: unknown

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